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Atlantic CommTech Corporation (ACT-Corp), a subsidary of Valkyrie Enterprises, Inc., provides a wide range of technical services to the U.S. Government (and prime contractors) with its corporate headquarters in Norfolk, VA and a branch office in Ramstein, Germany.  The leadership team offers an average of over 25 years of experience related to the telecommunications, IT and security industry.  Our leaders have served in the US Navy, the US Coast Guard and the US Air Force and possess a deep understanding of the US Government environment and the ability to provide agile and responsive services in today's fiscally challenged climate.

Our primary customers are U.S. federal government agencies and prime contractors that service the federal market place. The federal government agencies that we serve include the Department of State, Department of Defense (Air Force, Army, and Navy), Department of Homeland Security (U.S. Coast Guard) and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Our focus with our clients is to support and serve on a global basis.  Through the years we have refined our processes and procedures and developed a deployment support team to rapidly engage and support our clients on a global basis.  We have employees supporting clients across the globe located in areas from lavish countries and tourist sites to challenging and austere environments.  This capability has often helped our clients and to date we have successfully completed projects on every populated continent and in over 138 countries around the world.

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