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LAN/WAN, PDS, Voice/Data/Video, ISP/OSP, Premise Wiring, Cable Plant, Horizontal Cabling, Backbone Cabling,

Information Transport Systems, Data Centers and Power Systems

Worldwide Expertise Providing

Communications Infrastructure Support

ACT-Corp's core business is the engineering, design, installation, testing and maintenance of communications infrastructure.  The scope of our capabilities includes program/project management, technical support, site surveys, trip reports, daily on-site reports, site engineering and preparation, development of design plans, including the List of Materials, CAD drawing packages, Plans of Action and Milestones, equipment research, procurement, shipping, logistics, installation, maintenance, repair, testing, cutover and documentation.


ACT-Corp has in-house engineering team supported by a number of Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD) and several CAD technicians for performing our cable plant engineering and design.  Our projects adhere to the National Electrical Code (NEC), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) standards, government specifications and Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI) methodologies to develop, engineer, furnish, install, test and maintain standards-based fiber optic, copper and wireless based communications infrastructure.

ACT-Corp has provided primary and backup power systems and uninterruptible power supply in support of installation projects. We are driven by the goal of ensuring that high quality power is available for the most critical situations and to prevent power issues from disrupting our customer's systems. We have completed projects supporting hospitals, networks, data centers, and communications and operation centers.


Systems and solutions that we design, install, and maintain include:

  • Voice, data, and video integrated systems from infrastructure to switching systems

  • CAT 5e, CAT 6, Fiber to the desk top, Single and Multi-Mode Fiber, Coaxial

  • Fiber optic modems, multiplex equipment, patch panels, main and intermediate distribution frames, lightning protection, and supporting ground and power connections; cabinets, cable ladder and rack systems

  • LAN systems (wireless, classified, unclassified)

  • SIPRNET, NIPRNET, and other federal networks

  • Protected Distribution Systems (PDS), alarmed PDS, specialty keyed fiber optic systems

  • Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

  • Communications, Operations and Data Centers

  • Tactical Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS), Containerized UPS and fixed site facility UPS

  • Heating, Ventilation, And Air Conditioning (HVAC)

  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

  • Transformers

  • Power panels/power blocks and cabling

  • Generator


ACT-Corp provides "Ditch to Switch" turn-key solutions for many projects (e.g., associated site preparation to include electrical, HVAC and minor construction) maintaining a CLASS A license with full bonding capability.

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