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CCTV, IDS, Access Control, HSPD-12, PA, Mass Notification

Providing Integrated and Sustainable Security Systems Worldwide

Atlantic CommTech Corporation (ACT-Corp) has extensive experience providing Security Systems.  We design, engineer, procure, install, and maintain integrated, networked, and sustainable security systems and associated infrastructure anywhere in the world.  Services include anti-terrorism and force protection services that address core protection, threat assessments, nuclear security up to PL1, along with chemical, biological and radiological defense measures and conventional weapons storage protection.


ACT-Corp consistently demonstrates technical and administrative capabilities by completing projects on time and within budget.  We simultaneously manage multiple security contracts worldwide, many in remote and austere locations.  ACT-Corp provides our customers with the most advanced and effective security systems available.  Years of positive feedback from government organizations supports our proven track record of excellence.


Systems and solutions that we design, install, maintain and manage include:

  • Integrated Security Solutions

  • Security Management Platforms

  • Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

  • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) & IP Surveillance Systems

  • Video Analytics

  • Access Control Systems (ACS)

  • Perimeter Detection Systems

  • X-Ray & Metal Detection Systems

  • Explosives Detection Systems

  • Access Control Points

  • Vehicle Barrier Control

  • HVAC Monitoring and Utility Management Systems

  • Public Address & Mass Notification Systems

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