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Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a leader in the federal government sector, providing mission critical infrastructure and systems expertise, thus enabling our clients to achieve their evolving global requirements by sustaining information superiority.

Our Mission

Atlantic CommTech Corporation is a provider of mission critical infrastructure and systems expertise to support our clients' global needs.  We treat our customers as our absolute top priority.  We thrive as a business as a result of our customers' continued satisfaction with our services.  It is our inherent responsibility to grow our company in a sustainable manner to provide our customers and employees with a healthy, long term, corporate partnership.  We will endeavor to create and maintain a work environment that shows employees and customers alike that we are appreciative, responsive and dependable.  We strive to earn the trust and respect of our customers by providing our services at a fair price and by making the extra effort to assist our customers with their respective missions.

Our Core Values

  • Focus on the customer – Our customers are the reason why we exist

  • 100% Customer Satisfaction – No excuses!

  • Be responsive to customer needs – Make doing business with us easy

  • Honest, clean business practices – No exceptions

  • Be grateful – It's a privilege to work for our customers

  • Better yourself continually – We owe this to the company, customers & ourselves

  • Be dependable – Follow through with every commitment

  • Be humble – Graciously offer your opinions

  • Be a good corporate citizen – Support the professional and civic community


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